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If you know me well, this is for you.

So, after two JD’s last night I ridiculously stayed up later than I should have. Big mistake for someone who suffers from alcohol insomnia. My thoughts were out of control. Words buzzing around in my head waiting to be written. Doubts about whether I’m good enough to delve into this new career of mine full time. Am I too old? A question that is always a favourite to stop you in your tracks and take stock of life. Will I miss the music and entertainment business? Probably yes, but as I’m feeling too old to go back to my old life of late nights and drunken patron’s this career choice would be far better. At least I get to take my kids to school without worrying about falling asleep at the traffic lights and enjoying having weekends at home with the wife.

Twenty-plus years of working every weekend drove my personal life into the gutter and back out again many times; not being able to attend nights out with friends and family was always a bugbear. Quality time with the wife suffered, and it showed. People used to say, ‘you must love your job always out partying’. They just couldn’t comprehend that I would have probably preferred being at home sat in front of the telly watching the crap that they so desperately waited all week to get away from.

But after all is said and done, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I met a lot of amazing people along the way and made some really good friends that I will always have in my life. The money was nice too.

So, thank you one and all for making me who I am today, and I hope to be entertaining you in a different suit in the very near future.

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